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Being a student myself, I can appreciate how hard it can be to purchase all the necessary materials required for a course or personal study. Software is one of those expensive things, especially the mainstream, industry standards ones.

Fortunately there are some good discounts available for students from official partners of the software companies. Below I have listed three of the main websites that provide student discounts on fully legal software. – The Ultimate Steal, is an official promotion by Microsoft. Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 (which includes all the major office applications, except Visio) can be had for a very good £28.95. The website used to have a discount on Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional and Home Premium) that could be purchased for £30, though this has now finished. Whether they decide to restart that remains to be seen. In order to take advantage of the discount(s) offered on this website you will need an email address which most colleges and universities provide their students with. – The Software 4 Students website is a fairly comprehensive website that offers discount on various versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Encarta, Microsoft Expression software, Microsoft Windows upgrades, Adobe software and much more. To take advantage of the discounts offered on this website you do not need an email address, however you will need to register and select the name of your school, college or university.– The Students Expressware website is another comprehensive website that offers discounts on a variety of software. The site arguably has the widest selection of discounts out of the three sites listed here. Though the design looks identical (in places) to that of the site mentioned above, so maybe they are related?

I hope the above sites prove useful to you and if they are please feel free to post a comment on this article. 😉


Update: Microsoft also has a promotion called DreamSpark, where you have access to free mainstream development software and servers. Its all free as long as you can verify that you are a student, through your college or university or through email address etc.

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