Netbooks are a new type of computer first made popular in 2007 by the Asus Eee PC They make a great low-cost computer and are fine for day-to-day computing tasks such as creating and editing Microsoft Office documents, email, Internet and multimedia such as the viewing of music, video and pictures.

A few years ago if you wanted a cheap computer you would ether be forced into second hand PCs and laptops or for the kids, VTech toys. However these days netbooks make a great affordable computer that will handle basic tasks just fine. Price range is around £100 – £300+. Personally I wouldn’t pay anymore than £300 for a netbook because then your getting in to the budget laptop category which will be considerably more powerful.

Since Asus first launched its’ netbook, other companies’ have launched their own netbooks like, HP and Acer. Specification varies between netbooks. Some with also have different operating systems, some may use the free Linux operating system, while others will com with Windows XP, Vista or 7. Some will feature a webcam, traditional hard drive with a large 160GB or so capacity, while others will use the newer but more expensive flash memory with a lower capacity. Almost all will not feature a a disc drive to save space and power, but there will be USB ports for which you can plug an external drive in to it but remember to factor in the cost of an external DVD drive if you need one.

All netbooks should boast very good battery life though roughly 4-6 hours or so. Another common characteristic of netbooks is due to their smaller sizes they will have small screens between 7 inches and 10 inches, though some newer ones may be slightly larger. So it is worth looking around and considering your needs before purchasing a netbook, in fact you should do that before you buy any computer or hardware and read reviews of it.

I hope this article has provided you with a useful introduction on netbooks.

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