Still Using Windows XP?

While many computer users have upgrading from Windows XP, to Windows Vista or even better – Windows 7, there are still a large number of users using the Windows XP operating system. Windows XP’s default theme was like the Teletubbies meets Fisher Price, with the blue start menu and title bar, green star button and blue, red, green and orange for icons and the desktop wallpaper of grassland that seemed to represent Teletubby land etc.. The silver theme was a bit better and the green theme was OK, but nothing really special. If you wanted to get more themes your choices were limited as many themes downloaded from the Internet required a patched themes file, or your other alternative was to download a program such as Windows Binds which allows customisation of Windows  XP themes.

Fortunately there is a little known third option to get more themes for Windows XP, there are 3 additional themes that were created by Microsoft. The first one is the Zune theme developing by Microsoft in 2006 to celebrate the launch of its’ Zune player. The second two themes were developing with Windows XP Media Center Edition. The default theme including with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 was called Royale Noir, a better version of the XP default theme, included is also a black version of the theme which  didn’t make it to the final development stages so has a few bugs but still works OK.

Microsoft Zune Theme

Lets start with the Microsoft Zune theme for XP. The theme was released in 2006 to celebrate the launch of Microsoft’s Zune music player. The colour scheme is quite nice, black title bar, Start menu and taskbar area and an orange Start menu. Note the wallpaper shown in the picture on the left does not come with the theme, that’s just the default wallpaper included with my HP laptop. The desktop wallpaper included with the theme leaves something to be desired! This theme can be downloaded direct from Microsoft at:

Royale Noir Theme

The Royale Noir theme is actually two themes in one! It includes the lighter blue version of the Windows XP theme that was included in the Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 edition of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and also includes an unreleased black / dark blue version of the theme. Find out more about the theme here.

I hope this post has helped to make your time using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system ‘more visually pleasing’ to use!

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