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Finally, at long last I have the dynamic website of my dreams (well almost)! It’s been literally years in progress but I’ve always wanted to create a dynamic website which would allow me to update my website via the Internet rather than having to upload static pages every time via Adobe Dreamweaver and now my dream has been realised! 😀

Basically this website is powered by the powerful WordPress system which is uploaded onto my own server rather than WordPress.com and the design, or theme as it’s known in WordPress terms was created by myself using XHTML, CSS and some PHP coding. I still have some things to clear up and add but I am pleased with the result already. 🙂

It’s really been around the start of this year when the work to create my own WordPress theme really took shape I had been looking a number of years for a content management system (CMS) to power my site, looking at Joomla and intended to look at Drupal but ended up with WordPress as I knew how the back-end worked. I already had the basis of the theme I wanted to use, just had to install WordPress and get everything in order and learn how to incorporate the WordPress functionality and features into my theme, it has used my troubleshooting skills to the full at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way seeing as I love challenges! 😉

A New Year = A New Start!

As this is my first post of the year, I shall start off by saying boy am I glad last year is over with, although I did have some good parts of last year it was overshadowed by my experience of my first relationship. I was glad when I was able to ring in the year 2012, although this year has been hellish so far, but fortunately I do see it picking up soon! 🙂

Last year started off great as on the 17th January, I began my first ever relationship with obviously my first ever girlfriend, it started off great, though gradually cracks began to appear and differences and so forth began to become apparent, I tried to convince myself that I could turn it round and be the saviour as I really did love her to bits but there are some things you cannot control and this relationship was one of them, we were two very different people and the person I loved wasn’t the person I thought they were. Other circumstances with trust, and rumours being spread around by people I thought were friends all added to an already difficult relationship and so around late-July/August time the relationship came to an end.  I can’t say the relationship was a waste of time though, even though sometimes I want to say that but the positives are I now know what a rollercoaster relationship is like, I also learnt a lot about the people around me and who I can and can’t trust, I did lose some good friends over the relationship but a lot of them showed their true colours and lastly but most importantly I learnt a lot about myself through the experience so something good has come out of it all I guess. Though I do hope never to experience such pain again! 🙁 I’ve dealt with a lot in my life but that was horrible. I do hope to meet someone special soon but this time I know to make sure it’s the right person! 🙂

Now in June last year I had my first experience in an aeroplane! I got to fly a two seater aeroplane at Great Dummow in Essex, you can see the main page with media from the day on this website here. It was a magnificent experience and very exhilarating! 😀 In June last year I also finished my final college course at Suffolk New College, completing the BTEC National Diploma ICT Practitioners Level 3 course with a triple grade of Distinction-Merit-Merit (DMM).

Also last year after my relationship I needed to get away from it all for a bit so had a lovely 4-day caravan holiday at Kessingland beach in October, with my aunt, her lovely black Labrador (he’s the best dog in the world!) and my grandparents. It was a great fun-filled holiday, possibly the best I’ve ever had! On the second day it was also my 22nd birthday so I had my first ever birthday in a caravan which was fun and unique! On the day of my birthday we had chocolate cake, a cooked breakfast at the pub on-site, then I had a long stroll along the shore with my auntie before ‘accidentally’ ending up in Morrisons with the biggest slices of cake you’ve ever seen! 😛 To end the day we headed to the on-site entertainment where two nice girls in tight shorts were doing karaoke! What a great way to round off an already marvellous birthday! 😀 I can’t upload most of the holiday photos due to privacy reasons, but for a little taster here is a few of me on holiday. 🙂

Now on to 2012, it’s been a helluva year so far again all for the wrong reasons, I’ve had to have 10 teeth out, 5 from the top and 5 from the bottom. Mainly because I was born without a jaw born in the left side of my face which let to teeth growing in awkward positions etc. Of course drinking my favourite soft drink (coca cola) didn’t help but my lack of jaw bone was the main course. So that’s been very painful and the recovery was very demoralising at times fancying certain foods and not being able to eat them! 🙁 But I’ve battled through it as I always do and things are going to be looking up soon. I know things will be looking up soon as I’ll make my own luck and get what I want from life! 🙂

Still trying to get my first job or apprenticeship in the IT industry, but I know I will succeed, it may take me time but I shall get there – I am Super Leon after all and you must never count me out! 😀

That’s all for now cheers to the future everybody!

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