Welcome to my blog!

On my blog, I shall be discussing a diverse range of subjects from my time at college, technology relate posts, such as, tips and tricks as well as useful websites. I may from time to time also post about what I have been up to etc.  So please, sit back and enjoy! 🙂

12th March 2012 by

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We Are Live!!

Finally, at long last I have the dynamic website of my dreams (well almost)! It’s been literally years in progress but I’ve always wanted to create a dynamic website which would allow me to update my website via the Internet rather than having to upload static pages every time via Adobe Dreamweaver and now my dream has been realised! 😀 Read more…

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Still Using Windows XP?

While many computer users have upgrading from Windows XP, to Windows Vista or even better – Windows 7, there are still a large number of users using the Windows XP operating system. Windows XP’s default theme was like the Teletubbies meets Fisher Price, with the blue start menu and title bar, green star button and blue, red, green and orange for icons and the desktop wallpaper of grassland that seemed to represent Teletubby land etc.. The silver theme was a bit better and the green theme was OK, but nothing really special. If you wanted to get more themes your choices were limited as many themes downloaded from the Internet required a patched themes file, or your other alternative was to download a program such as Windows Binds which allows customisation of Windows  XP themes. Read more…

24th July 2011 by

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Netbooks are a new type of computer first made popular in 2007 by the Asus Eee PC They make a great low-cost computer and are fine for day-to-day computing tasks such as creating and editing Microsoft Office documents, email, Internet and multimedia such as the viewing of music, video and pictures.

A few years ago if you wanted a cheap computer you would ether be forced into second hand PCs and laptops or for the kids, VTech toys. However these days netbooks make a great affordable computer that will handle basic tasks just fine. Price range is around £100 – £300+. Personally I wouldn’t pay anymore than £300 for a netbook because then your getting in to the budget laptop category which will be considerably more powerful. Read more…

11th February 2011 by

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My Online Presence

I thought I would do a post about my online presence, so that there is no confusion between me and other people that might have the same name. 😛

OK, so first of, is that I have my main site  here at: www.superleon.com. I also have a Facebook account: www.facebook.com/superleon2010 – and I have an account on Twitter: www.twitter.com/superleond. Those are the main places online to which I have an account, I used to have MySpace and Bebo accounts but I deleted those a while back.

I hope this clears things up and that you find this post useful! 🙂

22nd January 2011 by

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