Welcome to the Games section of my website! Here I intend to upload games that I have developed using Adobe Flash CS4 Professional and ActionScript 3.0.

As part of my BTEC National Diploma IT Practitioners course at Suffolk New College, for the computer games unit, before creating my own game, in order to familiarise myself with Adobe Flash Professional CS4 and the ActionScript 3.0 programming language I created a number of games using sample code provided from the tutor, to gaining understand of how things work and were structured. I added enhancements to the games which increase my understanding of the program and language. I have uploaded most of the practice games and my own final game here.

Hope you like them and I shall create more games and upload them here in the future!

Pong – The first game I created based on the popular ping-pong game. IMPROVED!

Buzzsaw – The second game I created which involves using the arrow keys to move a guide a hedgehog to eat slugs but avoid being killed by the moving blades. IMPROVED!

Duckshoot – A shooting game which involves shooting as many ducks, with the mouse before the 60 seconds time limit is up. IMPROVED!

Platform Game – A platform game which involves moving a character, so he gets the treasure, but avoids the enemies. IMPROVED!

Monster Destroyer – My own final game which involves shooting as many monsters as you can within the 60 seconds time limit. IMPROVED!