Buzzsaw Game

As part of my college course at Suffolk New College, for the computer games unit we did, I  needed to practice creating games and getting used to the interface of Adobe Professional CS4 and gain knowledge of the ActionScript 3.0 programming language. So to help me my tutor gave me and the rest of the class sample code that could create complete games, which we could then add our own enhancements to if we wished to do so.

The second game I created was a game called Buzzsaw. It is a single player game where the arrow keys on the keyboard, are used to guide the hedgehog so that the hedgehog eats the slugs, but avoids the moving blades, otherwise he will be killed!! I made some enhancements to the game from the original code. I added in-game messages for winning and losing the game, as well as a reset button so the game could be restarted.

Improvements – May 2012

I have fixed some errors with this game regarding positioning and implemented some improvements as well. On game start the hedgehog now has a better position so the gamer has more time to get to grips with the game, whereas before the position was such that as soon as the game started one of the saw’s would  kill the hedgehog, resulting in the game being over. Positions have also been fixed when using the button to reset the game, as before the positions of  all game objects were not the same as they were when the game started, this has now been fixed so everything is set as they were at the start of the game when the restart game button is clicked on. The hedgehog is also repositioned when the game is finished so the end of game message can be read.

To play the game, click on the game using the mouse, so that the game becomes active, and then you will be able to control the hedgehog using the arrow keys. Up (moves hedgehog up), down (moves hedgehog down), left (moves hedgehog to the left), and right (moves hedgehog to the right).

Please click here to play the game!