Monster Destroyer Game

As part of my college course at Suffolk New College in 2011 I developed some fun Flash games. The main game I created is a game called Monster Destroyer, which you control a blue monster and use the mouse to click and destroyer the monsters. When you’re over the monsters the main player monster turns a transparent red colour.

Improvements – August 2012

This month I have been working to improve this game. An error with the previous version of the game meant that when you when to shoot (eat) a particular monster, it would eat all the monsters on the screen instead of just the one! The bug in the code that caused this error has been found and fixed. Also you may notice the user-controlled monster no longer has wings (as seen in the picture) as I thought the wings were in necessary and reduced the accuracy of the monster. Also to improve the accuracy I have made the user-controlled monster smaller and the enemy monster now grow considerably bigger. So hopefully the changes result in the game being more playable.

There will be further modifications to this game in the future.

Please click here to play the game!

Please note: I do not own the sound effects and music used in this game. Music is composed by John Williams, which was the theme used in the Jaw’s films. Sound effects from