Platform Game

As part of my college course at Suffolk New College, for the computer games unit we did, I  needed to practice creating games and getting used to the interface of Adobe Professional CS4 and gain knowledge of the ActionScript 3.0 programming language. So to help me my tutor gave me and the rest of the class sample code that could create complete games, which we could then add our own enhancements to if we wished to do so.

The last game I created was a platform game which involves moving a character (Knuckles the Echidna, from Sonic the Hedgehog) allowing platforms, avoiding the enemies and getting the coins (treasure). It is a single player game where the keys on the keyboard, are used to guide the character so that the character gets the treasure, but avoids the moving enemies, otherwise he will be lose one of his 3 lives and be killed when he has no more lives the game will then be over!!

Improvements – May 2012

I have fixed a few glitches with this game where  once you got into areas of the game you couldn’t climb the walls due to them being too high. Walls have been slightly reconfigured and tested and as a result I hope the game is more enjoyable and less frustrating to play. 🙂

To play the game, click on the game using the mouse, so that the game becomes active, and then you will be able to control the character using the arrow keys and the space bar. Up (moves character up), down (moves character down), left (moves character to the left), and right (moves character to the right), space bar (makes the character jump).

Please click here to play the game!

Note: I do not own the sound effects or characters used in this game.