Information Technology

Information Communication Technology (also known as ICT, Information Technology or simply as IT), has been a large part of my life since I was a very young child. IT is very much a passion of mine. I have been using computers since the age of 3-4. I remember using older BBC Micro computers, Acorn’s, Windows 95 PCs at school. My interest in IT grew from there really.

In December 2001, I finally got my first proper PC I can remember how excited I was! I had it all set up within a few hours and just knew how it all worked without even referring to the manufacturer instructions! Fast forward to March 2009, where I built my own purpose built PC (my current PC), which was designed to be upgradable and meet both my current and future needs and is still what I consider to be my ‘dream machine’!

I have been fortunate to experience  a variety of hardware and software. Much of my knowledge in IT comes from my own independent learning. I enjoy teaching myself things and experimenting, safe in the knowledge that if I do somehow manage to mess something up (unlikely) that I can fix it, using one of many appropriate procedures. I believe I process some of the core attributes that are required to work in the field of IT because I am a very patient person who works well under pressure, I am also a helpful person and I enjoy challenging myself and learning new things.

I went to a special school, which at the time didn’t offer much in terms of GCSE’s, so I instead had to take the long way round. I went to Suffolk New College in 2007 and did the OCR National Certificate In Business & IT Level 1 (equivalent to 3 GCSE’s E-F), which I was the only student in the class to pass the course overall with Distinction.

After the completion of that course I did the BTEC First Diploma IT Practitioners Level 2 (equivalent to 4 GCSE’S A – C) where I was the second Distinction student in the class. in September 2009, when the college moved into its new £70 million new building, I started my third and final course the two-year BTEC National Diploma IT Practitioners Level 3 (equivalent to 3-A Levels – all in IT). I completed the course in June 2011, with a triple grade of Distinction-Merit-Merit (DMM).

Note: The links to the courses above are named slightly different to the ones mentioned in the page, this is because the qualification framework was updated and restructured the last year or so, hence the slight differentiation in course names. Nevertheless the courses that are linked are very much like the ones I have taken just with a different name and a few new units.

Career in IT

As you can probably tell by now, information technology is very much a passion of mine and is definitely something I would like to pursue a career in. Since the completion of my last course I have been actively seeking work. Unfortunately there seems to be very little around and what jobs are around are no doubt highly sort after. But I am confident that I will eventually find something that I will enjoy and I feel I could be a great asset to any employer.

The type of roles that I feel would suit me best, would be one of the ‘hands on’ roles such as a technician. I have an interest in computer networks and enjoy the cabling, configuring, troubleshooting and the repairing of systems.

I shall update this page with information on my own hardware and software, along with information on all the hardware and software I have experience with here soon.

In addition to IT, as you may already know I have interests in the related areas of photography and web design. See the main menu above for links to those pages.