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Leon Turns 30!

So on the 11th October last year the day that we tend to trend as we get older when we reach milestone birthday’s and my 30th last year wow! Even now I still can’t believe I’m 30 myself, it’s like where have the years gone?!

I had a lovely 4 day weekend Friday – Monday. Where I went to Felixstowe, The Postal Museum in London, East Anglian Railway Museum which all consisted of lots of fun, food and cake and fantastic company. What more could one want?!

But even before that I had already had a couple of pre-birthday special events the first of which was the Thursday before my birthday a lovely customer – Nicci surprised me by coming in especially to see me with birthday balloons, a card and chocolate to show her appreciation for the IT support that I have provided her with as part of the Corbel technical team. This was totally unexpected and made my day even more special. You can see the photo on LinkedIn here. Secondly I had a prearranged meal at the World Spoons Buffet with some colleagues that evening which was really lovely.

All in all despite being older it was a time full of happy memorable moments. 🙂


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